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Rainbow of Terror
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DebtorBoards SCAM perpetrators: Admin3496, Admin0619, Admin0248, Mod7344

Giving money to DebtorBoards is stealing from yourself and your children.
Names of SCAM supporters who gave money to DebtorBoards: snarky, Time2Fight, BRUSHOAKIE, bad98roadster, pattyinpine, Dollar short, wolf12, DGE, cprems, HarryC
Commenting moron mongoloids: NotBonJovi, cgoodwin, cbarnett97, CleaningUp

DebtorBoards - Now Katz is acting as Mod7342 having the diarrhea
Text message style, casual writing is not acceptable. Please use capitalization and accurate spelling of common English words.

The goal of this Board is to instruct our members so that they develop the skills to deal well with legal matters. We would be remiss if we did not insist that they practice those skills as part of the learning process.

censor Issue
Debtor - Katz 06:02:22 11-29-11
Orgasmic Katz acting as Admin0248
Katz to Debtor: The demands are far from frivolous. The art of writing coherent sentences and paragraphs is(sic) essential to getting your points across.

Write a 6-page, single-sentence complaint and file it in court.

See how fast your complaint gets rejected.

Editorial Response
It clearly appears that this moron mongoloid Admin0248 had an orgasm while witting this caveat.

full Issue
Debtor - Katz 05:19:28 11-29-11
Katz acting as Admin0248, human touch, and you are donating money to this idiot?
Katz to Debtor: You are now on Post Moderation. Unacceptable posts will be deleted without further notice.

full Issue
Debtor - Kats 05:12:28 11-29-11
Katz acting as Admin0248, human touch, and you are trusting this idiot?
Debtor to Katz: I am handicapped and have learning disability on the top of my ESL.


Katz to Debtor: Something of which you should be aware.

1. We are a private board subject to no laws the require us to provide "reasonable accommodation" to anyone for any reason. You are here by our permission, and our permission alone.

2. Any "reasonable accommodation that you seek should be between you and your ISP as we have no reponsibility to provide you with anything.

3. Our terms of agreement apply to anyone and everyone who enters OUR DOMAIN. We do not discriminate.

4. We only have your claim that you are handicapped. We have no knowledge of whether or not you are handicapped, and we have no independent affirmation of your claim.

5. We know of know handicap recognized by either the medical or legal community that precludes one from the proper employment of the English language.

6. If you feel that you are not comfortable using Debtorboards, you can exercise your option to go elsewhere. If you persist, we may well exercise that option for you.

full Issue
Debtor - Katz 03:20:56 11-29-11

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29 Now Katz is acting as Mod7342..
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29 Katz acting as Admin0248, hum..

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