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DebtorBoards - Nutcase "Flyingifr aka Steven Katz" struck again.
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Re: Law firm violation while in JAMS
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The member "czx" is not longer a member of the DB community.

He is a known troll who has been previously banned form the board for his disruptive activities.

This notice is posted to inform all that we can and will root out trolls who believe that they can bypass their bans.

Editorial comment:
Would you trust a forum, which is giving a legal information, where any challenge to "Flyingifr aka Steven Katz" questioning his legal credibility ends up in ban?

Well the DebtorBoards is such forum.

Steven Katz is posing as Admin0248 to cover up his identity. He also appears under CleaningUP anonym and is giving really loony legal advise.
Everyone visiting DebtorBoards should be aware that it is probably the most dangerous place for a debtor to be.

You may lose everything -- did you ever bought his Book?

You should ask for a refund!

censor Issue
Debtor - Flyingifr 00:15:08 02-25-12

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